Turkey Should Learn From Russia

Putin assured the audience that it was not in Russia’s plans to enter NATO or the European Union.
The Russian Prime Minister said that the European states must settle their own debt crisis before making offers to Russia. Are you offering us to join the EU? First sort out your debts,” Putin said, answering a question from a German participant of the forum.

The prime minister also said that Russia was not going to seek NATO membership. We are not going to join NATO or the EU. We can secure our own safety,” Putin said.

This is while Turkey’s struggle to join EU seems like begging anymore, since some European leaders such as Sarkozy stated that there is no place for Turkey in Europe. Erdogan’s foreign policy seems like a failure anymore for couple of reasons.

1. Europe has been always a region of oppressing minorities such as Muslims and Jews. Sarkozy fiercely opposes Turkey’s E.U. entry, putting a premium on traditional European boundaries, and ignoring Turkey’s European political and economic credentials, including a long-standing membership in NATO. On September 26, 2007, Sarkozy stated, “I do not think that Turkey has a place in Europe,” claiming instead that Turkey’s place was in “Asia Minor.”

In essence, Sarkozy is telling France’s five million Muslims that they have a place in French societyif they adopt France’s Western values and participate in its secular democratic institutions. By rejecting Turkey—a secular democracy with a pro-Western orientation—Sarkozy is sending the French Muslims another message: regardless of how secular, democratic, and Western you become, there is no official place for you in Europe.

Just a few days back, French President Nicolas Sarkozy called on Turkey to recognize the 1915 massacre of Armenians by Ottoman Turks as a genocide in remarks Friday that drew sharp criticism from Ankara. Turkey however said that France should confront its colonial past before giving lessons to others on how to face history, in an angry response Friday to President Nicolas Sarkozy’s call.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu told a news conference: “Those who will not be able to face their own history for having carried out colonialism for centuries, for treating foreigners as second-class people, do not have the right to teach Turkey a history lesson or call for Turkey to face its history.

2. European leaders don’t seem to be wanting to strengthen Islamists in Turkey with acceptingTurkey as an EU member while Erdogan is in power in Turkey.

3. Turkey wants Middle East like itself, which really can’t happen. Erdogan already called Muslim brotherhood in Egypt to form a secular government, which was rejected by Muslim brotherhood as most of the revolutionaries across the Middle east called for Sharia law in their countries. Poll also confirms that the majority of Middle eastern people favor Sharia law in their countries.

4. Erdogan achieves nothing from confronting Iran’s influence, as it has already failed to bring down Assad’s government with arming jihadis into Syria. Turkey’s plan to host NATO’s fast alarming radar also which seems to be completely aimed at the superiority of Iran’s IRGC Aerospace division in Middle east won’t do Turkey any good, neither it’s aimed at protecting Turkey.

5. Turkey’s struggle to force Israel to issue an official apology also doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere, Turkey is just playing in the playground. Israelis celebrated Turkey’s decision to host NATO’s radar in Turkish soil which could possibly save Israel from Iran’s missile threats and this is while Erdogan keeps questioning Israel’s secret nuclear program and complains about Israel over and over again with no action. Turkey is in fact working in the favor of Israel; Does anyone know what does it really mean to bring down Assad’s secular government , a government which helps Iranian weapons to fall in the hands of Hezbollah? does anyone really know what will happen if Turkey successfully puts radical Saudi-backed jihadis in charge of Syria? the axis of resistance in Middle east against Israel will be cut in half and Israel will see it as a great opportunity to launch news wars on Lebanon and occupy the lands it has lost in 2000.

I doubt Erdogan knows what’s he doing himself. Every single policy of him is aimed at securing his other policy, which all seem to be failing. Maybe he just wants attention.

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